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Super fast

Making sure that your site is as fast as possible is our top priority. Your customers will be amazed at how fast it moves and flows.

retina ready

We believe your site should look good on all screens. Even those that require a microscope to get a glimpse of a single retina pixel.

TOP coding

We also do the coding for you. Our amazing designs deserve justice so we code them as well to ensure optimum consistency.

Mobile Ready

You know that fancy phone in your pocket? Your site will look great on there. In fact, it'll look great on any device you currently have.


We are very proud to show it off


We live in an infinite universe of abundance

Jaime "JAy" M.

Jaime sees challenges as opportunities. He faces things head-on and learns from the collected data. As a dedicated sales person, Jamie knows who to target.

Carlos "CHARLIE" s.

Charlie is like a hummingbird, he flies forwards and backwards. He foresees possible outcomes on the fly. As the Art Director Charlie comes up with a plan.

Christine "CHRISSY" B.

Chrissy is cautious and meticulous. She prioritizes things to make sure the target and the plan are both the center of attention. Chrissy smiles at all times.

"The feedback about the work Infinite Bonanza did for the city was extremely positive. As a partner we are extremely proud!"

Sharie Currie

calian partner for cot

"Working with Infinite Bonanza has been great. I now believe in the power of the infinite. I truly love what they did with my brand"

Asha Banes

CEO, golden pineapple

"Thank you for the guidance given to us when we needed design advice for our iPad App. Thank you for your help!"

Ian MacMurphy



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